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Only a few kilometers from the big big waves in the North Sea and surrounded by dunes and plantations, lies Blokhus Klit Golf Center like an oasis in the open landscape. And the big question emerges: Can one be claustrophobic on an open course? Find the answer below...

Blokhus Klit Golf Center market itself on the Internet having broad fairways, perfect greens and great variation of scenery. And it is really not completely without justification as we can disclose - in fact, rumours of the pleasant golf course had reached us before the visit, why it was not without expectation we entered the car and took the bearings of Blokhus.

Upon arrival at the Golf Center, which is very easy to finds, one encounters holiday apartments joining the open Pay-and-Play course, and a handsome and nice club house, which, thanks to its slim, low lines, fits well into the landscape. In the pro shop, which by the way was well stocked, we were met by friendly service and had no problems checking in etc. Blokhus employs, as is the custom by now, Golfbox, and therefore it is possible to book starting times before the visit. Check-in takes place at the reception when there is no service in the club house.

After check-in we had time to wander around in the club house and the excellent surroundings, which meet players and visitors. With typical local inclination for genious and low-key, things are orderly without being boastful; it is clean, nice and new, and everthing appear in good order. The restaurant serves a delicious course-sandwich, which is made to order; e.g. fresh carrots, delicious ham and salad, in a big, generous.

In other words, the club generally has quite good facilities at its disposal, and one also realizes that in the practice area. Apart from the excellent Pay-and-Play course, the center has at its command a Pitch and Put course (par 3), two good, big putting greens, approach green (which, however, on the day was surrounded by somewhat long rough, but that might very well be the intention) and a fine and good Driving range with both open and covered tee mats.

Having warmed up, stocked and enjoyed the Danish summer, it was now time to face the test of Blokhus' 18 hole course. With a length of 5592 meters from yellow tee, the course is not among the longer ones, but there are indeed challenges enough along the course. Obviously, the course is not in the least hilly, and given the open landscape it can soon be a challenge to create an exciting course. How often has one not heard expressions like: "It is just a flat field..."

However, in Blokhus one has managed to get the best out of the environment. With natural hedges, water courses, small lakes and, not in the least, the presence of both dunes and plantations, one has managed to cut the course really elegantly into the terrain, and a good experience is in front of the players. The course starts off comparatively gently with an uncomplicated par 4 of 327 meters. The green is big, the fairway is wide, and there are comparatively few hazards along the road. A really good starting point, which will let most players get a start of the round, and consequently the necessary confidence from the start. After that we leave the plantation and enter the most open part of the course. Thus, holes 3, 4, 5 og 6 constitute the outer limits of the course, and despite the flat structure of the landscape, one feel isolated and hidden away on Blokhus. Albeit the view of the open scenbery, the course manages - with good tree borders - to keep the sight focused on the green, thus conserving an intimate and good atmosphere. Of the holes on the front nine, we here want to focus on hole No. 4 (367 meters, par 4). From tee the player encounters a parallell water hazard, which cuts the fairway into two parts. The right hand side is comparatively narrow and ends after 160-180 meters in a blind alley with water and trees. The left hand side is bordered by trees for approximately 120 meters, and after that it opens up towards the green. For players with a draw it is possible to hit a shot through the opening in the tree line, with the risk of landing in the rough in the left hand side. We both agreed that the best opportunity was offered by a fade over the left part of the fairway, in order to get the ball rolling towards the green. For one of us an uncomplicated shot - for the other it resulted in a visit in the rough... All in all a hole to reflect upon, a hole which was more or less replicated on the back nine (hole 11), blut with the opposite oppoAnd the result? Exactly as on the front nine but with opposite sign. Another pecularity on the front nine of Blokhus to be mentioned, is that one only turns the club houset hole No. 12. Of course it is not of that great importance for the round, but it felt a little odd to hit the club house that late in the round. After a walk past the club house and the parking lot, the 13th hole then invites you to a 485 meters par 5 with a carry over a nice little lake in front of the green. For one of us it turned out to be a sort of "Tin Cup" situation, for the other a safe shot went past the green with a decent bogey as resultlt. And then all of a sudden the game turns very interesting. With holes 14-18 remaining, it is time to get acquainted with the dune mentioned befor. Hole 14 is a very short par 3 (124meters) with thress on both sides, and a small green which is difficult to see from the tee. Heather, dune, trees and other good things affect the sights of the player, and the first glimpse of the claustrophobic hole 18 is seen to the left of the tee. And you are there before you realize it. Very likely on the most beautiful and thought provoking hole of the course; a 334 meters long par 4 hole 18. On paper a small "easy" piece with only one small fairway bunker, a green bunker to the right of the green and a large inviting green in front of the club house. But from tee it is a different matter than on the score card. One has to get past a hill some distance from tee, which makes the approach to the green partly blind from tee, heathered hills and dune on the right hand side and lots of trees to the left i venstre side, makes the hole seem narrow, difficult and long. Handicap key three is possibly not completely wrong. And suddenly you can feel it. Suddenly and with a light apprehension the claustrophobia sneaks into the swing and the rythm. But keep your nerves calm and play the hole as it deserves. It is a pleasant finish onn a really good course. In other words, Blokhus Klit Golf Center is able to make light of prejudices. Despite the open scenery, and the nearby tourist nightmare of the West Coast, Blokhus has created a pleasant, obliging and well kept course. For most, good challenges are found, and it is a course which can be played by players more or less regardless of level. The restaurant, Pro Shop and other facilities are of good standard, and it is definitely a course to ecommend. A good oasis in a region kept busy by tourism.

Teetime.dk, 04-09-2009,
reviewed by Nicolas Kristensen & John Sørensen

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