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Playing a round of golf, one has to master many different kinds of shots. It goes without saying that one would be well adviced to practice all these various kinds of shots and thus be prepared e.g. to set up a par put, hitting a nerve-wrecking chip with a 7-iron.

We all have some kinds of shots, we prefer to practice. However, we often end up practicing the shots we are already good at, more or less skipping the shots that create problems for us. A lesson can give new inspiration and a desire to practice the shots, we try to avoid.

Personal lesson

The most common mode of teaching is the personal lesson, where you alone are together with the teaching professional. Meeting the professional you have to make up your mind whether you want a quick solution to an acute problem or whether you want a more solid improvement of your technique. Normally, a longer process is necessary to improve the technique and it is possible to buy 5, 10 or 20 lessons at a time. The lessons should be evenly spaced, say once a week, allowing you to practice on your own between lessons.

Group lessson

Group lessons are similar to personal lessons. The group shares a common introduction followed by individual or personal teaching, adapted to the individual participant.The group books the lessons as a group.

Topical lessons

Topical lessons are lessons, where the participants do not necessarily know each other in advance. The lessons have themes e.g. putting or pitching. A lesson starts with a common introduction followed by individual or personal teaching, adapted to the individual participant.

Topical lessons are given at specific dates and times.

You can apply for lessons here or at the Pro Shop.

Golf schools

During the Summer Season we arrange a number of golf schools, with teaching from 09.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. followed by play on the course after lunch. All types of shots are dealt with in the course of one or two days.

Technical swing analysis

We have a Flightscope Doppler-radar, which can be used for teaching as well as finding the most suitable equipment. We measure the flight of the shot and we measure the speed of the clubhead, the speed of the ball, the initial angle, spin, length, height and much more. We use the GASP video teaching programme. With this equipment we are able to give you a simple and easily understood demonstration of what you ought to practice in order to improve your game.

Video lesson

We use the the GASP video swing analysis programme. You will be video filmed and your swing will be discussed by a professional. You will get a very telling discussion of your swing and what you ought to practice.

Flightscope analysis

A Flightscope analysis you will give you a theoretical analysis of your swing when you are using either an iron or a driver. You will get an idea of your swing speed and whether the initial angle and spin of the ball is well suited to your swing.

The radar assigns numbers to many different aspects such as swing speed,the speed of the ball as well as the relation between the two, spin, initial angle and height. Together with the professional you will be able to determine what you should change in order to optimize the flight of the ball, but also whether your equipment is suited to your swing.

Course lesson

A course lesson takes place on the course together with a professional. The lesson covers the strategic part of the game, among other things which irons and types of shots you should select during the game. The professional will also be able to determine what"goes wrong" during the game. He will be able to tell you which parts of the game you need to practice more and how you ought do that.

A course lesson has between 1-3 participants.

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